Jordan Valley Trout Pond

Our Rainbow Trout Ponds are fed by natural streams of spring water that continuously flow through the ponds at a high rate of volume, thereby resulting in a constant fresh water supply for the trout.

We produce and incubate our own trout eggs. The fish are raised in large tanks of fresh water, originating directly from springs located on the highlands of our farm. Our trout are fed pellets of various sizes. The feed consists of high protein ingredients made from soybean meal, herring meal, corn gluten meal, wheat middings, fish oil and wheat flour that includes vitamins A, D, E, and C. This process of growing trout results in fresh, nutritious, healthy Rainbow Trout.

You are sure to catch all the trout you would like. It is an exciting adventure for children, teenagers and adults. You keep what you catch. Our trout make a delicious meal either grilled or baked.

If you prefer, you can also "catch and release" at our site. We have personnel on hand to help you with this process.